The Importance of Reviews

The importance of reviews is a common sense thing. After all, the reason you are reading this article is because you are interested in learning about a certain aspect of a business or a service, right? So, if I am reading these reviews on Yelp and Google+ Local, and that is to learn about the negative aspects of a dining experience, should I not at least take a look? Well, the answer to that question is both yes and no, but do not get confused.

While there have been many places online that have used the power of customer reviews to benefit their businesses, we are talking about the online reviews that are posted on Yelp, Google+ Local, and other review sites. The positive reviews do not always outweigh the negative reviews, but they can definitely sway a decision. Therefore, while many people enjoy reading online reviews, if you are planning on using them in your business marketing efforts you should know the difference between the good and bad. You can know more about does salehoo work?

According to one study found in Fast Company, a leading business magazine, only 8% of restaurant reviews posted on the internet were positive. Therefore, this was evident enough that the balance of negativity in the online reviews was far greater than the positive reviews. Yet, there was hope for the businesses that posted the negative reviews. According to Fast Company, this was due to two main reasons: the restaurant owner wanted to downplay the negative reviews, or, the restaurant owner did not feel comfortable posting the negative review. Therefore, while the presence of negative reviews is concerning, the presence of positive reviews should encourage you to open up your doors.

This is why having both positive and negative customer reviews in your online store is beneficial. Having both types of reviews will enable you to determine how the public’s sentiment towards your business is as well as allowing you to adjust your business accordingly. For instance, if most customers are posting positive reviews, then you may want to look into ways to better customer service for them. On the other hand, if most customers are posting negative reviews, then perhaps you could make changes in order to attract more positive reviews and at the same time reduce the negative feedback that you are receiving. Therefore, having both types of reviews available online would be helpful in both the creation of a better customer base and the maintenance of that base.

However, while having both types of reviews is helpful, there is one study found in Fast Company which showed that reading online reviews was only helpful if the comments posted were grammatically correct. This is because using incorrect punctuation and grammar rules is what most people do when they are posting their remarks online. According to Fast Company, this made reading online reviews less effective in helping consumers decide on whether or not a certain business was good for them. Therefore, in order to truly benefit from reading reviews, it is best to only post comments that are grammatically correct. Although it may take some time and patience to become good at reading online reviews, it would be worthwhile in the end as this will help you in making a good decision in the end.

Overall, the importance of reviews is undeniable. For businesses and for consumers, the importance of reviews is an invaluable aid in helping us to make informed decisions when we are purchasing goods and services. However, as mentioned above, both customers and businesses need to be careful when posting their reviews. While businesses need to focus on positive reviews and use them to lure customers in, it is equally important for customers to stay away from negative reviews. This can be accomplished by using keywords in order to avoid negative comments, using proper punctuation and grammar, and reading reviews carefully before posting.

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