House of Representatives and Senate

The House of Representatives is a legislative body in the United States. Members of the House serve two-year terms and resident commissioners serve four-year terms. Members are elected in November. If a member dies or becomes unable to serve a second term, a special election must be held. The replacement member will take office on the same date as the original member. The House has the power to censure a member. A censure requires a simple majority and does not remove the member from office.

Historically, the speaker of the House has had considerable influence over the legislative process. The speaker, who is elected by the House, can also appoint extra committee members, allowing the majority party to make amendments to bills. However, the speaker retains power over the minority party, which often squabbles over how to spend federal money. During the 109th Congress, the Republicans controlled 53% of the House, which gave them extra seats on the Energy and Commerce Committee and the Rules Committee click on this link

In the United States, the Speaker of the House is chosen by the members of the House and delegated presiding duties to other members of the chamber. The presiding officer sits in a chair in front of the chamber and rules the order of debate and speeches by members. Members must be recognized by the presiding officer before they can speak. Occasionally, the Speaker of the House can rule on a ‘point of order’, which requires the support of the majority party.

In addition to presiding over the House of Representatives, the Senate serves as a check on House politics. It has several distinct powers, including the power to ratify treaties, confirm Cabinet members, and impeach officials. It also has the power to elect the President if a presidential candidate fails to win the Electoral College. Therefore, the Senate is an important tool in the administration of the United States. With the help of the Senate, governing can be made easier in the United States.

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