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Julian then says it would pay 300,000 grand and Lucas suddenly rethinks. After persuading Lucas to option of his movie, he run into Peyton and she realizes Julian Brand actor is the one making the movie and it is soon revealed that he is her ex-boyfriend. Lucas finds out about Julian and Peyton, he punches Julian although they still carry on with the movie although with heated tension between the two men. Both Neill and Dennison are credible in their respective roles. Neill here is like he always is — effortlessly immersed into his character, and virtually indistinguishable from the goofy old man we know from media interviews and droll social media posts.

But when Lucas invites Julian to his and Peyton’s wedding both Julian and Brooke are jealous of the others’ dates so in the final episode of season 6 Brooke flies to Los Angeles to tell Julian she loves him. At the beginning of season seven they are in a long distance relationship while Julian films his movies but he decides to stay in Tree Hill with Brooke so they can be a real couple. Julian was the only son and child born to Paul and Sylvia Norris (née Baker). His father was an esteemed film producer who introduced Julian to the film industry and made his love of cinema grow. However, Paul often neglected his son, choosing his work over his relationship with Julian. Julian is a professional critic that assesses actors, films, and television series.

But they gave him a great severance package and his own production company. Julian got another chance produce and direct a new movie that Alex Dupre wrote and put his entire savings in this movie. It is called Seven Dreams Til Tuesday and the movie was successful. Julian bought a sound stage and trying to figure out what to do with it. No hollywood picture gave him a chance, until he decide to re-adapt Lucas’s book called the Unkind Ravens. Julian Brand is one of the rising stars in the American film industry.

The name “Julian” is a Christian name from the Bible, and it means “a young novel.” It’s also worth noting that Anthony Brand is his grandfather who gave him the moniker “Finch” after his birth.

He is originally from San Francisco, California, but resides in Los Angeles. Using a range of the latest UHD cameras, I direct, film and edit scripted content, behind the scenes, dramas and historical recreations, live events, interviews and performances. With my extensive knowledge of filmmaking and pre-production, production and post-production processes, I also provide specialist advice and technical assistance to a range of clients. Based in Vauxhall, Central London, my video production, video editing and post-production suite is equipped with the latest technology and is connected to full-fibre broadband for fast file transfers. After the ordeal with Sam, Julian and Brooke often meet up at her house to review her designs for the movie although Brooke denies that it is a date but a business meeting to Sam. When he and Brooke meet up for their business meeting Julian brings them wine (which means it’s a date).

BBC-trained with over 15 years’ experience in video production. I efficiently produce, direct, film and edit stylish films and videos. Working as a director of photography, an independent filmmaker and freelance videographer, my previous commissions have included brand films, documentaries, music videos and marketing promos. My ongoing enthusiasm and passion for the creative and technical aspects of my work enable me to deliver excellent results for any given project budget and timescale.

He stays in shape by participating in sports like basketball, swimming, kickboxing, and working out. He enjoys collecting vintage Hollywood movie posters, cooking, martial arts, volleyball, and cricket. What’s more, he loves sailing and traveling to experience the wonders of the world.

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