Why Aren’t My Training Solutions Limited?

With one of the highest membership numbers of any Security Industry Authority approved training provider in the UK, SMS Security Solutions offers Security Management Training to people from all walks of life. “SMART training is a way of getting to know people better,” says Keith Collier, manager of SMS Security Solutions, “and is getting them to work for us. There’s an element of fun and excitement in it that makes it more interesting than a more traditional training program.” According to Collier, over three hundred people have already taken part in one of SMS Security Solutions’ ‘Solutions for you’ programs – a number which steadily increases each month.

“We benefit from our partners at the UK’s leading think tank,” Collier continues, “who take on board our business as a strategic partner. In turn, we get access to a whole range of fresh and innovative ideas, along with plenty of practice time. Our customers benefit from our professional support and training solutions. We help clients in designing secure applications, completing secure documents, preparing suitable risk profiles and developing new, secure businesses, all from our expert knowledge. Our customers also benefit from our ongoing application updates, which are rigorously monitored by our in-house software team.” According to Collier, “our customers reap the rewards from our professional support and training packages.” Let us know more information about SMART Training Solutions.

The professional approach towards the development of Security Management Training Solutions is what sets it apart from similar think tanks, and indeed, from competing online training programs such as those run by Security Alliance or Exam Confidence. According to Collier, “we’ve always felt that it’s best to tailor training programs to a particular client’s specific job roles. The SMART Solutions approach ensures that our customers receive the highest value for their money. This ensures that we’re providing the most practical and effective training to help them achieve their key job roles.” The Security Management Solutions provider acknowledges that each company has its own unique set of security challenges, but remains adamant that its core capabilities can be applied across the board to all of its customer’s requirements.

Smart Solutions has delivered courses for everything from the most basic IT and network security practices through to a full-featured Six Sigma Certification programme. The system Spartan training solutions encompass both online and in-person sessions, allowing companies to fit the courses around their business cycles and other commitments. Online training solutions have an added element of flexibility, allowing users to schedule courses around their working week. They are also flexible in terms of pricing – some providers charge a flat fee for online classes while others offer a monthly membership package and include on-site training in their facilities. However, it’s important to note that even these in-person courses tend to follow a certain pattern, with most following a similar formula of study and testing over a set period of time before the final examination.

The most common SMART training solutions used by the motorcycle industry associations are those based on the theory of Smart Rider Technology. This concept refers to the application of knowledge gained in supervised or self-supervised learning to enhance a motorcyclist’s ability to interact safely and appropriately with other road users. An example might be utilising pre-training technology such as hands-on, real-life case studies to ensure that a rider becomes familiarised with the ways in which he or she could potentially be affected by the design of a vehicle on the road. Other examples might involve examining how to interpret traffic signals and safety signs, as well as the safe use of personal protective equipment (PPE).

SMART training solutions can help increase the safety and efficiency of the motorhome and recreational vehicle industry. However, it’s essential that companies choose an appropriate provider to ensure that the learning materials are up to date and comprehensive, as most have been created for a previous generation of drivers. It’s also important to select a company that has a solid reputation for providing training at reasonable prices. With proper pre and post-learning support and guidance, businesses can be certain that they’re making the most of their money and time.

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