Dragon Ball Kai Buu Saga Trailer

During Anime Japan, a promotional video for Dragon Ball Kai: Buu Saga was shown, check it out. Dragon Ball Kai returns April 6th with the Majin Buu arcs in Japan with no word on an English dub

Battle of Gods New Intro and Scenes

The extended version of Dragon Ball Z Battle of Gods premiered in Japan today on Fuji TV. And as promised we got extended and extra footage that wasn’t shown in theaters as well as a new introduction.

Battle of Gods TV Premiere Run Time

Dragon Ball Z Battle of Gods is set to premiere in Japan via Fuji TV on March 22nd. Toei Animation’s producer revealed on Twitter that this version of the movie will contain 20 extra minutes of footage

V Jump May Issue Scans – Loads of Dragon Ball Material

We have obtained a lot of new information from the latest issue of V Jump including the new Dragon Ball Heroes Ultimate Mission game, new opening for Majin Buu Kai, staff comments on Majin Buu saga and

Dragon Ball Z Light of Hope Video Update

Robot Underdog has released the first video update for their upcoming live action Dragon Ball Z project (Dragon Ball Z Light of Hope). DBZ Light of Hope is an upcoming live action Dragon Ball Z web series