Dragon Ball Z Battle of Gods: Additional Scenes in New Trailer

The new Dragon Ball Z movie Battle of Gods is set to premiere on Japanese television March 22nd and is said to be a director’s cut and will contain new scenes not shown in theaters. Fuji TV

New Dragon Ball Z Mobile Game : DB Ultimate Swipe

A new Dragon Ball Z (Japanese) mobile game was announced by Namco Bandai games along with the opening of the official website. It is called Dragon Ball: Ultimate Swipe and is currently available for download through at

New Battle of Gods Screenshot

The new Dragon Ball Z movie Battle of Gods will premiere on Japanese TV this month and it will contain extra scenes that were not shown in the theater release. A new commercial aired on Fuji TV

Live Action Captain Ginyu Concept Art

K&K Productions has let all their fans know that the live action Dragon Ball Z trailer (Frieza Saga) is nearly complete and would be releasing soon. They were searching for designs for the various characters from the

Dragon Ball Z on Blu-ray: Seasons 4-6 Sneak Peak

FUNimation has released a preview of the box art for seasons 4 through 6 from the upcoming Dragon Ball Z Blu-ray season sets. Here’s a sneak peek at the special, commissioned covers for the upcoming Dragon Ball