Dragon Ball Z Kai Toonami Teaser

Dragon Ball Z kai is set to premiere on Toonami on November 8th this year. Here’s the first teaser trailer promoting DBZ’s return to the Toonami lineup!

Dragon Ball Z Kai Coming to Toonami in November

We have known for some time that DBZ Kai would be making it’s way to the Toonami line up sometime this Fall but we were never sure exactly when. Well Toonami has just announced Kai would be

Dragon Ball Z Battle of Gods Extended Edition Trailer

IGN has posted up a trailer for the home release of the extended version of Dragon Ball Z Battle of Gods which includes 20 minutes of new footage along with 30 minutes of extras. Pre-order Battle of

Battle of Gods English Dub Now Listed on Amazon

You can now pre-order FUNimation’s Dragon Ball Z Battle of Gods on Amazon.com. The extended edition contains 20 minutes of extra footage not shown in theaters and will release October 7th 2014. Fans of the series have

New Dragon Ball Xenoverse Screens and Art

Bandai Namco has released a few new screen shots and artwork from the upcoming game Dragon Ball Xenoverse. In Dragon Ball Xenoverse, all of the major DRAGON BALL’s species will be available as a basis for the