Dragon Ball Z Kai Episode 1 Airs on Toonami

The first episode of Dragon Ball Z Kai entitled “Prologue to Battle! The Return of Son Goku!” has aired on Toonami. And with much surprise, Toonami has decided to use the music score created by Kenji Yamamoto

Dragon Ball Z Kai Toonami Premiere Tonight

Although Dragon Ball Z Kai has run it’s course on networks such as Nicktoons, this will be the revival of the DBZ series for Toonami! DBZ Kai premiere’s on Toonami tonight at midnight starting with episode one

Ocean Dub of Dragon Ball Z Kai Releasing Soon

Ocean group voice actor Lee Tockar has announced his role as Frieza in the upcoming version of Ocean’s Dragon Ball Z Kai and that this dub will release soon. After nearly 2 years I'm finally able 2

New Dragon Ball Z Kai Promo

Dragon Ball Z Kai is set to premiere on Toonami next Saturday, November 8th. Here’s a new promo that was aired during Dragon Ball Z Cooler’s Revenge on Toonami.

Dragon Ball Z Kai Toonami Teaser

Dragon Ball Z kai is set to premiere on Toonami on November 8th this year. Here’s the first teaser trailer promoting DBZ’s return to the Toonami lineup!