New Mystery Character from Dragon Ball Xenoverse

During Japan Expo a glimpse of this mystery character from Dragon Ball Xenoverse was shown. Who do you think it could be? Some are connecting this game to Dragon Ball Online even more with this new reveal,

Dragon Ball Xenoverse Japan Expo Presentation

Here is the presentation of Dragon Ball Xenoverse during Japan Expo 2014. We get the full fight between Goku and Vegeta, check it out here!

Dragon Ball Z Legacy Videos 1 & 2

FUNimation is releasing a 4 part series discussing their history of Dragon Ball Z. Here is parts 1 & 2 stay tuned tomorrow for part 3. In preparation for this Summer’s release of Dragon Ball Z: Battle

Dragon Ball Heroes JM 5 Trailer

A trailer has released for the new Dragon Ball Heroes mission (JM5) featuring Vegetto, Majin Buu and Gogeta! Check it out here and follow this link to check out the new cards.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse Goku vs Vegeta

Here’s a short gameplay video featuring Goku vs Vegeta from Dragon Ball Xenoverse.