Dimension of Dragon Ball New Movie Figures

Toei Animation has announced a new line of Dragon Ball Z figures used to promote the upcoming new Dragon Ball Z movie set to release Spring 2015. The new line of figures are titled “Dimension of Dragon

Dragon Ball Z Battle of Gods 101 – Beerus

FUNimation has released the second Battle of Gods 101 video, this time featuring Beerus and the dub voice behind him, Jason Douglas!

Dragon Ball Z Battle of Gods 101 – Vegeta

FUNimation is releasing a new series of DBZ videos to promote the upcoming Battle of Gods movie release in North America. This series focuses on the English dub cast of DBZ and their own thoughts on playing

Rumor – Goku Not the Main Character in the DBZ 2015 Movie

Take this only as a rumor and not official confirmation as it comes from a Japanese retailer. Nonetheless, CD Japan is stating that the upcoming new Dragon Ball Z 2015 movie will not have Goku (or his

New Dragon Ball Z 2015 Movie Trailer

Toei Animation has updated the official Dragon Ball Z 2015 movie website with a new trailer. The trailer teases a bit more about the “worst wish” previously noted. The entire universe eagerly awaits Original concept, scripts, character