Battle of Gods One Week to Release

One week remains until the new Dragon Ball Z movie Battle of Gods (English Dub) releases throughout the United States and Canada (August 5th). You can order your tickets through the official Dragon Ball Z website or

FUNimation Cast Mention the New DBZ Movie

Dragon Ball Z’s English dub cast are well aware that another new Dragon Ball Z movie is currently in development and is slated for a 2015 release. They have recently finished dubbing Dragon Ball Z Battle of

SSJ 4 Broly/Time Patrol Trunks in Dragon Ball Heroes JM6

There is a glimpse of Super Saiyan 4 Broly and Time Patrol Trunks from some recent previews for the upcoming new Dragon Ball Heroes mission, JM6. A live version of the upcoming new trailer has also been

Dimension of Dragon Ball New Movie Figures

Toei Animation has announced a new line of Dragon Ball Z figures used to promote the upcoming new Dragon Ball Z movie set to release Spring 2015. The new line of figures are titled “Dimension of Dragon

Dragon Ball Z Battle of Gods 101 – Beerus

FUNimation has released the second Battle of Gods 101 video, this time featuring Beerus and the dub voice behind him, Jason Douglas!