Ohme EV Charger Installation

To compare the fueling costs of individual models of conventional and electric vehicles, see the Vehicle Cost Calculator. The Ohme Home Pro features an in-built PEN fault device, which avoids the need for an earth rod installation at your property. That means it helps save time and cost on the installation compared to the standard Ohme Home which requires an earth rod at additional cost.

Tethered with a 5m type 2 charging cable Ohme Home Pro is compatible with all mainstream electric vehicles that use type 2 connectors. At Electricpoint we believe there is a better way to sell electrical products online. We’re proud of the team we have; their expertise and enthusiasm for helping people is what makes us unique. This option will temporarily override any charging schedules and charge your vehicle at full power until the battery is full. Max charge is helpful for when you need to charge your car unexpectedly. Your installer will be able to recommend either a Type 1 or Type 2 connector depending on which electric car you will be charging.

The OHME Home Pro Electric Car Charger is not only a reliable and convenient charging solution, but also an energy-efficient and cost-effective one. We aim to supply a wide range of EV charge points for all electric & PHEV vehicles at competitive prices. The Ohme Interactive LCD screen displays live charge data and gives the option to have full control of charging from the charger itself or via the Ohme App. Electricpoint stock a range of ohme charger at great prices and offer fast UK delivery. You can shop the range now which includes the Ohme Home Pro Charger with a 5 meter or 8 meter cable, as well as the Ohme Go 3-Pin EV charger and the Ohme Go Commando charger. EV chargers should always be installed by a qualified electrician that is certified to install EV chargers.

The 7kW Ohme Commando includes a tethered Type 2 cable with a 32A socket built in. App-controlled, Ohme charging stations have a built-in WIFI function, making it easy to manage the charging of your electric vehicle wherever you are. This enables the user to manage their energy use, electric vehicle and environmental impact. Residential equipment is frequently installed in garages, but outdoor installation and use are also safe, even if the vehicle is being charged in the rain.

At 1.3m tall, it is the perfect height for everyday use and comes with all required fasteners to fit the charger to the mount. Supplied with a Wiska junction box and incorporated brackets for the plug dock and charger mount. Ohme integrates seamlessly with many smart electical tariffs and is a must for Ocotopus agile whereby it will select the cheapest 1/2 hour slots for you to minimise cost.

If you have an EV or plug-in hybrid, or have one on order, then you are ready to get a charger installation quote. Simply choose the electric car charger you like the look of and select “”Request a Quote”” at the top of this page. Don’t worry if you’re not 100% sure on the charger – there will be time to swap this before payment if your change your mind. An Ohme Home Pro Charger is a smart EV charger that is capable of integrating with your time of use energy tariff in order to charge your car at the cheapest times available. The smart charger can be controlled via app or directly on the charger itself with the easy to use buttons and clear LCD display. The Ohme Home Pro charger is a great option for home installations.

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