Battle of Gods Currently #6 in Box Office

Dragon Ball Z Battle of Gods has just premiered in North America yesterday and it is already at the number 6 spot racking in a total so far of $1,072,600 according to Box Office Mojo. The box office numbers for today are currently not online, but stayed tuned to see if the number goes up or down.

#6 – Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods $1,072,600

Dragon Ball Z Battle of Gods (English dub) is currently now playing in select theaters until August 9th.

  • DerekPadula

    Glad to see it made a million dollars on a Tuesday. If they released it on a Friday it probably could have done even better. That bodes well for future releases. Here’s hoping they make a million each day.

    • Crono A7X

      It’s showing Friday as well, not sure why they didn’t list August 8th when clearly a bunch of theaters are showing it.

      • Godtierpower

        Oh yeah? Never Heard that! Hope you’re right though. But funimation made it specifically clear NOT to be on the 8th as far as i’m concerned…

      • Michael Blancarte

        It has to be the pre sell hype which is why its on the 8th as well 5th 6th 7th and 9th had to be playing it safe.

  • David

    Imagine how well it would do if it wasn’t just in select theaters. This just proves that this show still is huge, and if Akira Toriyama decides to continue the franchise beyond a few movies, it will blow up again. I think if he does start a series, He could make a full-length feature film that would release at EVERY theater and compete with blockbuster films.

    • Michael Blancarte

      As much as I want to believe that, there would be a very thin line before it dropped off.
      This is better for their profits, it gives incentive for them to do it for the next movie coming out.
      A bunch of theaters have opened up extra screenings because of demand and that’s how they will be judging the demand yeah these numbers look nice because they are getting the most out of what they are offering.

    • Checkii

      or what if they had multiple viewings? they only had 1 viewing on each day

  • Muhammad Bilal Islam

    Man this is great news. Saw it last night, had a blast. Hopefully this means more DBZ movies being released in theaters.

  • Christian Rodríguez

    yeah so far the movie made over 48 Million yet … so we will def. see the 50 Mio Dollar mark … the movie was produced with a budget over 1 Million Dollars .. so they made a lot of money so far !!!

  • Uppergod

    Why is it only saying 692 theaters?? While it was quite clearly announced it would be over 800??? Am i missing something

  • Milling

    Kinda sad it’s only in US :(

  • Magnum Nine

    If it haven’t came out on DVD first in Japan, it would have done much better not saying it isn’t doing good, plus the certain theaters that’s playing it.

  • Jonathan Jean-Louis

    I’m glad to see this film do well! Hopefully, FUNimation will open this movie in more theaters.